5 Types Of Weapons That You Find In Apex Legends Game

5 Types Of Weapons That You Find In Apex Legends Game

Whenever you are looking for the popular free-to-play Battle Royale game, then you should choose Apex Legends. It is actually developed by Respawn entertainment. You are completely secured to choose such a wonderful option of the game. This game is available for Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and many more options than just mean to be best for the people. It is completely a great opportunity for you to join the squad of three members by using pre-made characters that are known as Legends.

It is possible to figure out the health, ammo status, and targets of opponents by using the apex legends cheats that will offer you accurate enemy’s stats. Once you come to know about everything, then you will able to be sharp and focus on the great aspects of the game. Now I am going to share the top and use weapons of the Apex legends game in further paragraphs.


Weapons are the first method of dealing with damage in the game. Either you are playing any game mode in Apex Legends you are able to equip the weapon in order to start to eliminate other enemies during the gameplay. Make sure, in Arenas, any weapon that is not a supply drop weapon can be possible to buy before the round begins. Here you can check out the list of weapons-

  1. Assault rifles – The HAVOC Rifle is a full-auto charged energy rifle that will give you great support during the gameplay. It would be best for you to try out many other options as well, such as VK-17 Flatline, Hemlok Burst AR, and the R-301 Carbine.
  2. Submachine guns – Sub machines guns also known as SMG, so if you are finding the most famous SMGs, then you should try out the Volt SMG, R-99 SMG, Prowler Burst PDW that comes with a 5-round burst SMG. It is completely a wonderful option for gamers to check out various options.
  3. Light machine guns – LMGs are also becoming famous in the game that is a very amazing gun that will give you great damage. There are three main options that you can easily choose from such as Devotion LMG, M600 Spitfire that is full-auto LMG, and the last one is L-Star EMG that is a plasma-fueled heavy MG.
  4. Marksman weapons – Get ready to use the Marksman weapons that are unique weapons in the game. Let me start from the G7 Scout that is a semi-auto light marksman rifle, and the other is a 30-30 Repeater that is a heavy semi-auto repeater. Another option of this category is the Bocek compound bow.
  5. Sniper Rifles – if you like to play with snipers, then you should take benefits of Charge Rifle, Sentinel, and many others.

You can easily choose one of these great weapons that are becoming popular day by day in the game. If gamers prefer to use any weapons, then they should first understand their use and then start taking any decision of killing others in gameplay.