Migrate database from SQL Server to MySQL

When planning database migration from SQL Server to MySQL, it is necessary to guaranty sufficient performance and reliability of the conversion process to avoid data loss or corruption and reduce the system downtime. There are some special software products -designed to simplify procedure of MS SQL to MySQL conversion. These tools transfer all database objects from source DBMS to the target including table definitions with necessary attributes (null flag, default values, etc), data, indexes and constraints, views.

Advanced SQL Server to MySQL database converter should have certain basic features such as: 

  • Provide high performance of database migration
  • Work on Microsoft Windows 7/8/10/11
  • Support all versions of SQL Server (including Azure SQL cloud platform) and MySQL with its popular forks and DBaaS variations
  • Option to merge and synchronize existing MySQL database with MS SQL data
  • Command line support suitable for automation purposes
  • Support for Unicode
  • User-friendly wizard style interface
  • Complete install and uninstall support

One of such migration tools is SQL Server to MySQL converter by Intelligent Converters, software company specializing on database conversion and synchronization since 2001. This database converter provides all capabilities listed above and also it has more advantages: 

  1. For those cases when MySQL server does not accept remote connections, the program can export the data into SQL script file. In this approach MS SQL data is exported into local file containing data definition (DDL) statements to create tables with all indexes and constraints and fill them with the data. Later database specialist will be able to import this file to MySQL server using the standard tools like phpMyAdmin
  2. Sometimes it is required to convert partial data from a table or merge data from multiple tables into a single one. For these purposes SQL Server to MySQL converter allows to convert result of SELECT queries running against the source SQL Server database
  3. If there is a need to change column name or type in the resulting database, the converter provides feature called “custom column mapping”. This feature allows changing name, type, default value and NULL-attribute for any column of MS SQL table as well as exclude certain columns from conversion
  4. The converter allows to specify MySQL table type: ISAM, MyISAM, HEAP, InnoDB or BDB

Talking about conversion performance, it is necessary to consider the source database size, complexity of table structures, system resources and many more. In this terms average speed of the conversion provided by the tool is approximately 20000 of records per second on a modern hardware. 

As every software product developed by Intelligent Converters, SQL Server to MySQL converter is supplied with unlimited support and 1-year subscription for updates that means customers will receive new version of the software within one year after purchasing for free.