Tips to improve Coding in Vue.js

Tips to improve Coding in Vue.js

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Vue.js is a JavaScript framework that has become more popular in the past few years. You really enjoy its features and framework when you work with VueJS. With time, some shortcuts and coding are add to make it faster and better codebase. Development companies hire vuejs developers for developing user-friendly interface and interactive websites. Here are some tips by professionals that will help you in improving the VueJS coding and become a better developer.   


Use Slot syntax 

In the latest version of Vue, a shorthand notation comes for slots that are used for events. You can also use colon-notation for bindings. 

Prop authentication

You may know that you can give authentication to your props which can work as primitives like number, string, and objects. If you want to give permission against strings, you can use custom validators. 

Dynamic directive arguments

In the latest version of Vue, you can use components in many forms. For example, you can use your Button-Component, you can use single-click for some events and Double-Click for other events. 

Reuse a component for the same route

 You have dissimilar routes which share some components and if you want to switch between them, it will not re-render because of Vue reuses it for performance reasons. You can make it possible by using a key prop. 

Can arrange all props from parent to child

This is a special feature which gives permission to you that you can pass down all props from parent to child component. You can arrange easily by using wrapper-component for other components. You don’t need to arrange one by one prop. 

All event listeners from parent to child

If you have found a child component that does not have parent component then you can move all event listeners from parent to child.